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Sheriff says he opposes parts of NY SAFE Act

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Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013 12:30 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY — Columbia County Sheriff David Harrison publicly stated his opposition to the NY Safe Act on Thursday in a meeting with the Public Safety Committee of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors. The supervisors followed with passing a resolution stating their intent to work on drafting a resolution expressing their opposition to parts of the bill.

The resolution of intent, quickly worded together by supervisors Thursday, would require cooperation with the County Government Committee and Çounty Attorney’s Office on piecing the language together.

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  • GovernorMagoo posted at 7:43 pm on Thu, Feb 28, 2013.

    GovernorMagoo Posts: 63

    You know Math Teacher, yHow do you get off on saying this:

    I've especially noticed this deficiency among some of the more vocal and vociferous right wingers

    Really? You're saying that Right Wingers don't care about math? What a pretentious pompous thing to say. I can''t even respond to that comment. The fact that you have the audacity to say that proves you shouldn't be teaching. Seriously!!! Quit Now before you pollute other young minds with your hatred of ideas that don't agree with your Utopian society. You know with all the teachers getting caught having sex with students I don't think any of you can be trusted with our children. HOW DOES IT FEEL BEING STEREOTYPED Math Teacher?

    Maybe suicide is the way Adam Lanza among others checked out. Not everyone that commits suicide goes on a shooting spree. Your logic is flawed. Many suicide victims go sit in the bath tub and pull the trigger. So those deaths are counted by our government as murder by gun shot. Even though it was self inflicted. Flawed logic is flawed logic you can't dance around it. I see you didn't dispute my claim about RIFLE murders. Going by your OK Coral analogy shouldn't Vermont be a perpetual blood bath?

    Math Teacher how can you say its Pro Gun People are paranoid about gun confiscation? Gov Cuomo said " Confiscation is not out of the question." Its an audio clip. Seriously its out there. All you have to do is take off the blinders and look for it.

    Just in case you skimmed over my last statement ( you seem to be good at that )

    Gov Cuomo said " Confiscation is not out of the question." There is an audio clip He actually said it. I am not paranoid

    Next Math Teacher will be calling me a Psychotard like the "respectable" Hudson Alderman David Marston calls his fine constituents.

    In the end Math Teacher you are wrong with your statements. You siad nothing to rebut the facts I presented. Right Wingers, contrary to your beliefs, believe in Liberty. We're Freedom loving souls. By calling us childish names as you do only makes you look stupid & uneducated. Next time get your dfacts straight

    A link to the "respectable" Hudson Alderman David Marston comment.

    Go getem' LIBTARD MARTSON:

  • Math Teacher posted at 11:39 am on Thu, Feb 28, 2013.

    Math Teacher Posts: 157

    Sounds like the members of the bar were having there say last night - and I mean Clancy's bar. Why must gun advocates always resort t to threats of the armed gunman coming for all who disagree with their position that we should all be forced to live in the OK Coral in a perpetual shootout crossfire zone? As for math skills - my student would agree that I impart them - considering the fact that half the really wrong answers are supplied from parents unable to help at the 8th and 9th grade levels - the difficulty may be that our society as a whole seems to place a low priority on mathematical skills. I've especially noticed this deficiency among some of the more vocal and vociferous right wingers. I am also fascinated that Magoo believes that "suicides don't count" - and how did Adam Lanza die exactly after first slaughtering his victims? How do so many mass and spree killers die? Suicide is often an act of aggression against the survivors of the suicide.

  • Math Teacher posted at 9:55 am on Thu, Feb 28, 2013.

    Math Teacher Posts: 157

    @4th2A - if it's any consolation -only about 1 of 2 of my comments get posted or posted in a timely manner and it has nothing that I can discern to do with their content. Sometimes systems just don't work that well. Everything is not a conspiracy. No one is getting paid to thwart you and your fellow pro gun posters, just as no one is paying me. Someone is paying GCL Speenburg, and McLauglin to push your buttons and have a bunch of adults acting like their guns are being confiscated when all that has taken place is legislation to provide background checks and prevent straw sales and other work arounds to get guns out of the wrong hands.

  • dabenoit posted at 11:29 pm on Wed, Feb 27, 2013.

    dabenoit Posts: 10

    @mathteacher: Between this and the other articles pertaining to gun possession, you appear to make up 40-50 percent of the postings. How do you find the time to teach math? Please go back to the classroom safe and secure in the knowledge that (1) our students are sadly deficient in math skills when compared to other countries - good job - and (2) a police officer will probably show up in 15 minutes or so after you hear the first shots fired down the hall from your class. While you are cowering in the corner behind a locked door begging for your students to be quiet in the hopes that the criminal gunman passes you by waiting for an armed savior to come to your rescue, pray. Pray that the police officer has more than 7 rounds in his gun. Pray that he finds the gunman before the gunman finds you. Cower in fear tucked in your gun free corner secure in the knowledge that your safe zone is neither gun free nor safe. Shall we now discuss restaurants, shopping malls and sitting in your car at a street light in the maybe-soon-to-be gun free City of Hudson? Good luck - don't forget to pray.

  • GovernorMagoo posted at 7:10 pm on Wed, Feb 27, 2013.

    GovernorMagoo Posts: 63

    Mathe Teracher here are Founding Father Quote regarding Guns:

    Linky [wink]

    I s no mention of Great Briton./ Id see mention of TYRANTS

    Oh and here is another quote well it paraphrased:

    Confication is not out of the questio

    Gee whom said that. Oh thats right Governor Cuomo

    You wonder why us"Paranoid Tea Party" types are against gun/ammo registration.

    You go ahead and put a GUN FREE ZONE sing in front of your house. I'm sure that will make everyone in your neighborhood feel safe. . Me I like to leave people guessing [wink]

    Oh and my guns have killed less people that Ted Kennedy's car so you should feel safe also HAve a nice day [tongue]

  • GovernorMagoo posted at 6:56 pm on Wed, Feb 27, 2013.

    GovernorMagoo Posts: 63

    Math Teacher are really a Math Teacher? Did you even bother to read my post? Do you know what a rifle is? No instead you fly off the handle and start name calling You probably should be evaluated by your school psychologist to make sure your're not send hostile messages to your students. Good thing you don't own guns you [probably be hunting me down right now.

    Here is your link:

    Regarding the hand gun figure did you know our government INCLUDES SUICIDES in that figure. Fun with numbers, You know all about that MathTeacher right? 2 +2 = 5 [crying]

    You are way too uptight. Maybe you go home and try a little erotic asphyxia. Just be careful more people die from that a year than RIFLES

  • 4the2A posted at 5:14 pm on Wed, Feb 27, 2013.

    4the2A Posts: 26

    Why is it that every time I make a post it takes a long, long time to be "approved"? or it is censored?

  • Math Teacher posted at 1:18 pm on Wed, Feb 27, 2013.

    Math Teacher Posts: 157

    Governor Magoo laughably tries to argue that because death by gun shot decreased from 13,164 to 12,664 from 2010 to 2011, according to the FBI website (unlike Magoo - I provide source urls: that "We Don't Have A Gun Problem." Ha!! I prefer the Australian or Great Britain averages that are closer to Zero.

    Blowhards like Magoo are always making false premise arguments off topic like his 'auto erotic' knee slapper - notice how the far right always likes to veer to sex or off topic issues like car accidents to say, "well ban cars they kill people" without stopping to do the math - how many hours average does every American spend in a car v. with a loaded gun in their hand? Yet - deaths by motor vehicle have crashed In 2011, traffic deaths fell 2% to 32,367 from the previous year, making traffic deaths in 2011 at the lowest level since 1949 -- and a 26% decline since 2005. Why? Seatbelts, airbags, aggressive safety recalls, etc. Yet the NRA blowhards scream hysterically about cars not being protected by the constitution while "the right to bear arms (not guns specifically) are. This is pure bogus reasoning too. (

    Slavery is protected in the original Constitution as voted upon and passed. Women didn't have the right to vote. Children could be enslaved in apprenticeships and indentured servitude.

    Blowhards like Magoo continually indulge in "half-witicisms' - it appears that a good deal of their persecution complex is tied to the chatroom and mingle sites - social misfits and the lonely egging one another on with their guns and shared sense of persecution. "Wit" by "Magoo":

    ["-According to an FBI estimate, between 500 and 1,000 Americans die from erotic asphyxia every year"

    Better ban masturbation" -Magoo]

    . . . Kind of sad - but, attractive pickings to politicians like Lawrence or Speenburgh - whose pathetic record of dismal economic development call for as many distractions as possible lest they be voted out.

  • Math Teacher posted at 10:59 pm on Tue, Feb 26, 2013.

    Math Teacher Posts: 157

    Alas 'Governor Magoo' - Momshadit was likely inferring that you are a Tea party type personality - and a paranoid. "Paranoid" in the direct context of inferring that a law requiring gun safety and background checks has the 'agenda' of taking away your guns.

    And characteristically you post is riddled with other factual inaccuracies - there have been fewer military deaths under Obama and we've succeeded in disengaging in Iraq and we are headed out of Afghanistan -not that these issues have diddly to do with guns - but you do love changing the subject so when challenged.

    The Second Amendment was specifically designed to address fear of Great Britain reasserting its control over our young nation. We were a pipsqueak of a nation then, not nearly a world power, but a pawn shuttled between England and its rivals, France and the Netherlands, not to mention Spain. But the first military action taken domestically by President George Washington in 1993 was against gun wielding "patriots" like yourself, during the Whiskey Rebellion. I guess George wasn't a "founding father," huh?

  • USMC1775 posted at 10:44 pm on Tue, Feb 26, 2013.

    USMC1775 Posts: 73

    Governor MaGoo for govenor!!!!

  • GovernorMagoo posted at 10:24 pm on Tue, Feb 26, 2013.

    GovernorMagoo Posts: 63

    One more tidbit:

    - According to the FBI statistics there were 323 people murdered with rifles in the U.S. in 2011 (and dropping) ( That figure includes so called assault rifles)

    -According to an FBI estimate, between 500 and 1,000 Americans die from erotic asphyxia every year

    Better ban masturbation

  • GovernorMagoo posted at 8:32 pm on Tue, Feb 26, 2013.

    GovernorMagoo Posts: 63

    Hopefully Gov Cuomo will pass a law in the middle of the night banning uninformed people from posting on the internet

  • GovernorMagoo posted at 8:28 pm on Tue, Feb 26, 2013.

    GovernorMagoo Posts: 63

    Oh Please Momshadit, TeaBag Paranoids? Do you know what Tea Bag means? That not a very nice thing for a "lady" to say My God, the vitriol in your post is scary. You actually called me a maggot. You may want to pop a couple more Xanax before posting next time.

    You should look up the history of the NRA. You might learn something. . I bet you're one of the people that used to protest "The War" every weekend during Bush's Presidency. Funny how all you phonies disappeared after Bush was gone. Our men & women were dying in greater numbers under Obama. You're a disingenuous tool of the left that has no clue of the reason our Founding Fathers included the 2 amendment on the Constitution. Do some research before you post about things you know nothing about.

    Hey I have an idea Momshait, Why don't you put a big sign on your front yard that states your are a gun free home.

  • Momshadit posted at 9:06 am on Mon, Feb 25, 2013.

    Momshadit Posts: 144

    GovMagoo - is obviously one of the NRA tea bag paranoids whose point is that it doesn't matter what the law says - what matters is what GovMagoo IMAGINES it might say.

    All the more reason in my book - the sheriff and other responsible adults should take strenuous measures to distance themselves from individuals whose psychological problems indicate they may be 'loaded guns' themselves. A gun can shoot through the walls of a house across a property line and into the body of your child. I haven't seen many cars do that. Magoo is the kind of maggot front that the NRA is trying to bully mothers and fathers with by making them fearful that these idiots will 'get in our face' and the face of our elected officials assuring the gun manufacturers that this is a democracy of the loudest bullies, not true fact or human rights.

    All the amazing macho men below arguing about their 'rounds' and what they can and cannot do. YAWN. It's about as interesting as their second amendment fixation- I say that amendment should be amended and defined to restrict itself to national guard serving in the militia and those actively in law enforcement.

  • GovernorMagoo posted at 11:02 pm on Sun, Feb 24, 2013.

    GovernorMagoo Posts: 63

    XsealnGermantown, Thank You for your service.

    Your post is laughable. Those rounds fragment internally not explode. There are plenty of fools that do not handle a firearm properly. Just as many fools that drive, raise kids, teach our children, Do you own firearms? If so please set an example and turn your guns in. Once we're all disarmed like you and Gov Cuomo would like we will all live in paradise. I'm sure the criminals will turn in their guns also. Our neighbors in Vermont are well armed. They can own a pistol without a getting "permission" from the government to own one. Why isn't there blood in the streets of Vermont? Oh and if you think the police are required to protect you from harm you may want to check the Supreme Court Decsion back in 2005.

    Here is a link:

    Take a look at Chicago, they have hundreds of murders a years. Their strict gun laws haven't stopped the murders. Yet Aurora another city in the state of Illinois has a low murder rate. Hmm why aren't murder rates high there. You can't blame neighboring states since Aurora is in the same state. Switzerland is full of guns yet there isn't high murder rate. Didn't we ban alcohol a while back? How did that work out? Drugs are illegal, yet drugs run rampant in our country. Banning will only accomplish empowering criminals. Maybe, just maybe, it has more to do with total disrespect for human life. Governor Cuomo has proposed making it legal to abort babies right up to 9 months. Sad isn't it?

    XsealnGermantown if it makes you feel better to be disarmed be my guest.

  • USMC1775 posted at 10:20 am on Sun, Feb 24, 2013.

    USMC1775 Posts: 73

    A former Navy SEAL in germantown? Awesome, but I thought SEALs didn't like to publicize the fact that they were SEALS?

  • XSealnGermantown posted at 1:03 pm on Sat, Feb 23, 2013.

    XSealnGermantown Posts: 2

    Having put my life on the line for my country and our constitution in the Middle East I've seen soldiers cut down with an old bolt actions just as readily as by 7.62 39mm bullets. AR15 have better range than the AK47s and they can inflict some horrible internal injuries, especially if clipped or notched rounds gunned to explode internally are used. Frankly - given their muzzle velocity and the damage they can inflict - I have to question why certain people are so hot to have one or twenty for personal use.

    I went hunting a few years back with a few guys one of whom brought a friend who was all hyped up on my being a former SEAL. Without going into particulars, this jerk thought it was funny to swing an 'unloaded' rifle in my direction. I dove. He jerked the trigger and it turned out the rifle was loaded. It missed me. But, it drove a really basic point home -

    Most of you are complete idiots and have no business and no qualifications to be handing weapons of any kind. The fact that you're so convinced that you are and that it's your God given constitutional right, etc. just makes you bigger and more dangerous idiots in my book.

    When I read here about the guy all bent out of shape that he might be prevented from having his precious Bushmaster because he might not pass his psyche exam- because of Stalin, yadayadayada, I have to laugh! Maybe, it's not such a bad idea.

    I think only those who have passed a psych screening and full firearms training ought to be ALLOWED near a loaded gun. The 'courses' at gun stores and ranges that make their money selling weapons are mostly jokes, show me ONE example of them ever turning anyone down.

    You are not, NOT, going to have a CHANCE of turning back a determined armed dictatorship in this country with a gun, and you are deluded idiot if you think anything other than keeping our nation free and under one-man-one-vote will ever truly protect our rights. The only thing that survivalist paranoids with their gun fantasies ever do is justify their being shot up and incinerated like the recent nutty LAPD guy Dorner. So the whole 2nd Amendment argument is not only bogus to me - but it's a set up. It's voting and money that will keep this country free, not guns and not God - which will just keep us shot up and ignorant.

  • GovernorMagoo posted at 8:03 pm on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    GovernorMagoo Posts: 63

    Oh an I forgot to mention. Cuomo said at the beginning of this battle CONFISCATION WAS NOT OUT OF THE QUESTION. All you Bolt Action, Lever Action types, your guns are next. It may take a few years but they'll be after yours also.

    Take a look at this article about a Washington state law:

    Lawmakers in Washington State have accidentally written a bill permitting police to invade private homes for the purpose of confiscating “illegal” guns and accessories, such as magazines that hold over 10 rounds. According to Senate Bill 5737, introduced on February 13th by Democrat State Senators Murray, Kohl-Welles, and Kline, no one may possess an “assault weapon” or the combination of a semi-automatic pistol or rifle capable of using a detachable magazine AND any magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammo.


    Stand up Patriots.


  • 4the2A posted at 7:51 pm on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    4the2A Posts: 26

    Why does the Register Star CENSOR comments?

    I posted a comment that was not offensive or vulgar in any way.

    Freedom of speech or censorship?

  • GovernorMagoo posted at 7:31 pm on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    GovernorMagoo Posts: 63

    Its not just 2nd Amendment rights Madison Adams Jefferson. Its the Bill of Rights. If they can take away our Right to Bear Arms they can take away Right to Free Speech. How about the National Defense Authorization Act. Open your eyes people. Your rights are being taken away day by day. Stop & frisk laws in NYC.

    2 Amendment Rally February 28, 2013 12:00 at the state capitol BE THERE TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO SELF DEFENCE AND YOUR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS

    WOLVERINES !!!!!!

  • Joeybar posted at 4:45 pm on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    Joeybar Posts: 383

    Thank God;
    We finally made it on the map.
    I guess something is better than nothing. It’s a shame not a word about the way albany does business (like RATS IN THE DARK).

  • Jb1380 posted at 4:25 pm on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    Jb1380 Posts: 2

    Its easy to hide behind the internet. Realtor56 and some other people in here seem to have a bias against the police or the sheriff's department for other reasons ....maybe legal reasons? Many people hop on issues like this to put down elected officials and the board of supervisors, when they really have different reasons.

    Its obvious that this sheriff is speaking in a public meeting, not to the press, and its obvious that the reporter didn't put everything in the article that he said. The article did say "Harrison said he was opposed to the NY SAFE Act and would support a resolution by the supervisors to ask state legislatures to oppose the legislation" and to me, that means that he is against it.

    I have only found less then 10 sheriffs in the state who have said publicly that they oppose the law and our sheriff is now one of them. So this statement really isn't after the fact. Also, law enforcement ARE now exempt from the law for official use. That was done right after it came out. So it doesn't effect police departments anymore.

    Im glad our sheriff came out and said he opposes this law publicly. Now the board of supervisors must do this too with a resolution.

  • Observer posted at 3:40 pm on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    Observer Posts: 29

    Ah, they only oppose the Less than Safe act due to the cost to the county.
    The whole lot of supes are nothing but a bunch of spineless cowards.

    Nayer, you are a complete embarrassment to the people of Copake. Don't bother running for re-election as we will not vote for you.[wink]

  • 4the2A posted at 3:19 pm on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    4the2A Posts: 26

    Everyone should know that Hitler and Stalin used "mental health" to take out anybody that didn't agree with the state.

    Mental health should not be "married" to the NYS Safe Act unless we want to repeat history and be eliminated like the Germans or Russians were.

    Just remember anyone can be "labeled" mentally ill! Next King Cuomo will want anyone who has a gun to have a psychological exam! There is a bill in Connecticut to psychologically exam all children at certain ages.

    What the wrong with this whole picture? Only those with eyes to see and ears to hear will get what I'm saying; however, if you still think the government will make you safe think about Ben Franklin's words:

    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

  • Robertesq posted at 11:00 am on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    Robertesq Posts: 2

    Nice to see Columbia County waking up. This article does not indicate some of the most damaging provisions: The SAFE Act also (1) requires background checks for the simple purchase of ammunition in NY State. This will effectively de-incentive the sale of ammunition and prohibitively raise its costs; the Act criminalizes 75% percent of the currently manufactured hand guns and many rifles. For example it will be illegal to buy the most popular 22 rimfire rifle in America, the Ruger 10/22 because it has a 10 round magazine; (3) Many arms are now classified as illegal Assault weapons because of simple cosmetic features such as a thumbhole stocks or hand grips which have nothing to do with function, It is like criminalizing cars for their paint color. The Safe act was ill conceived written by non hunters and non shooters. This Act has done more damage to NY State hunters and shooters than any other legislation in NY State History.

  • realtor56 posted at 8:59 am on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    realtor56 Posts: 3

    And once again, Columbia County leads from behind. How courageous of our Sheriff to come out and oppose this only after several other national, state and county law enforcement agencies have. Anyone else suspect about this happening only after the Board decided not to pass a protest resolution and the public backlash that resulted? After sitting on the sideline and watching that all unfold, only now does our sheriff step up and decide he's against this. That's sad. We are in desperate need of leadership on the Board of Supervisors and obviously in our Sheriff's Department too. Let's hope Columbia County finally does the right thing and passes a resolution to oppose this legislation.

  • ray55 posted at 8:38 am on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    ray55 Posts: 7

    I saw the Sheriff in a store in Valatie recently and asked him about this. He said he does oppose the new law and that as long as the effort is about the gun and not the person, any change will not work. He told me that in our county, and most likely in other NY counties, there is no problem or threat with legal guns owners. Most law abiding gun owners probably will not register their guns with the state police and criminals will find ways to get any gun they want, as has been the case in the home invasions around here.

    Mental health checks, stricter laws for illegal guns, securing firearms in the home and focusing on identifying what people should NOT have a gun are good he said. Not make legal gun owners pay for what mentally ill, emotionally ill and criminals have done.

  • bsmeterer posted at 8:16 am on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    bsmeterer Posts: 81

    The article needs a bit of honing. The article's title says the sheriff opposes parts of the law, but the article never reveals which parts of it he opposes. It only tells us the portions Nayer opposes.
    Paragraph 3 has in part, "...ask state legislatures..." instead of "...ask state legislators..." or "...ask the legislature." The lawmaking body is the state legislature, which is composed of individual legislators.
    Petty points, you say? English is lost in this world of texting. But this is a newspaper, and I for one expect a bit more accuracy and clarity to be displayed.

  • kc2ykn posted at 7:15 am on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    kc2ykn Posts: 5

    Columbia County Sheriff says he opposes parts of NY SAFE Act ( THOUGH NOT EVERYTHING IS BAD AS FAR AS HE IS CONCERNED )

    1: What part is not so bad Sheriff Harrison?

    2: Is the part were it affects you and your department bad but the part that affects the average gun owner in your county good?

    3. Will you be 100% for the SAFE act as soon as the restrictions on your departments rights are changed so you can have any weapon and bullet capacity as you did before the act was past?

    These are the questions most gun owners would like to know. Because we are not part of a Gov't agency like you are, and we do not have the power of the State behind us like you have.

  • Madison Adams Jefferson posted at 3:17 am on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    Madison Adams Jefferson Posts: 1

    Not a single word of concern from these elected officials for the continued erosion of 2nd amendment rights which our creator bestows to the individual.

    What concerns these public servants?

    The monetary effects on the bureaucracy to carry out this intrusive legislative perversion..

    The three of us shake our heads in disappointment, as does the body of our sovereign citizenry..The beauty of the second amendment,is that it will not be needed until they try to take it..